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    “Mock12” AR build

    I know AR’s aren’t a huge seller on this forum but figured I might as well post it here as well. Built this rifle because I was infatuated with the Mk12 mod 1 but I'm not a cloner nor do I care about being "clone correct" and just wanted to smoke some coyotes with it but it just sits and never...
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    Radian 6mm ARC w/18" Proof Barrel

    For sale is a Radian 6mm ARC. Rifle has never been fired but if needed I can do the Proof recommended break-in process. Muzzle device (warcomp) and mag not included. Build components listed below. Weight is 7.50 lbs even. The reason I'm selling is I built a 12.5 Radian 6mm ARC (pictured below)...