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  1. S

    New Member from Kansas City area

    Hello all! I was recently told about this site by someone who does long range competitions when we were talking about optics. I mainly deer hunt, and but in the last year or so, have really been wanting to get into shooting longer distances. I don't have anything special, but will likely be...
  2. P

    Hi All new to this site

    I just got back into long range shooting I have been traveling alot for my job and finally got to a place were I am settled down and a few years from retiring, I use the shoot amateur competitive long distance 30 years ago. Unfortunately I sold all my competition rifles but I still have my...
  3. scorge30

    Saying hi from Marysville, WA

    Long time lurker, decided to finally join up. Retired disabled US Army after nearly 23 years. I like to shoot long range for fun, but with neuropathy and other nerve damage, my shooting expectations are more realistic these days. I am a serious reloader, reloading everything from 17 Fireball...
  4. Beardeddeer91

    New member from Alabama

    Hey all, Nick here, a new member from the great hot and humid state of Alabama. I have recently gotten back into the long range game (I used to shoot competitively through high school and undergrad), and found this site had very useful info. I recently picked up a CA 300 WM and have been...
  5. J

    New member from New Mexico

    Hello all, I have enjoyed reading posts on this site for some time. It seems to be much friendlier than similar sites. I will do my best to make a contribution. I enjoy hunting here in New Mexico. I enjoy shooting. I hope to learn and become better at both. Jay