mountain hunting

  1. A

    Longer range mountain rifle opinions

    Im trying to decide on a lighter weight mountain hunting rifle that has potential for longer range practice and good accuracy. I was thinking between the bergara m14 wilderness and a christensen arms mesa? Any opinions? 6.5 prc will be the caliber Thanks in advance
  2. adictosacazar

    Hunting for Dagestan Tur, Azerbaijan.

    Hunting for Dagestan Tur, Azerbaijan. Website: Arriving airport: Baku (GYD) Regions: Lahich - Ismaily Quantity of hunters in-group: 1 – 4 Season: 20 June– September 20 Duration: 5 days hunt / 2 days stay Road from Airport to camps 5-6 hours Caliber Recommended: 300 Win...
  3. K

    Next Rifle Decision Help

    I have been trying to decide on a route to go for a new rifle for my brother but can't come to a final conclusion so I am looking for help. I am not sure whether to go with a higher-end factory rifle such as a fierce or a 2020 waypoint but also whether to go for a custom build either by me...