1. kielwhite

    12 gauge OU Merkel shotgun

    This a model 203 E with double ejectors and choked full. Beautiful shotgun that has been sitting in the safe for too many years. Read that is able to shoot steel if under #4 . Older shotgun with hand engravings. 2200 obo 907-360-7879
  2. BigBuck74

    JP Sauer 90's, Steyr Luxus Grades, Merkel's, Drillings, Double Rifles

    I am looking for JP Sauer 90 rifles, Steyr Luxus Grade rifles, German Drillings, double rifles, Merkel shotguns, Browning Olympian and Medallion grade safari rifles. I am a collector of these rifles and am willing to pay good money for them. Please PM me if you have or know anyone willing to sell.