mdt chassis

  1. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Vortex 30% Off Euro Optics Cert - $150 or possible trade

    Vortex 30% certificate for sale. Redeemable at EuroOptics. Just don't have a use for it unfortunately. Price is $120. Expires 09/20/2024. Possible Trades: -KRG accessories such as enclosed forend, internal weight, heavy arca rail -MDT GRND pod
  2. W


    MDT ACC for rem700 short action and clones Right hand (Have weights I can add if wanted) 900.00 OBO
  3. A

    MDT ESS Chassis- Long Action

    MDT ESS Chassis for a Remington Long Action (LA) footprint Includes ARCA rail attachment and rear chassis weight Loved this chassis, just don't have many long-action rifles. Moved this one to a stock. New prices- Chassis- 1199 Weight- 60 ARCA- 55 Asking- $840 shipped CONUS Local pickup is...
  4. W

    MDT and Mpa chassis

    MDT ACC chassis fde for rem 700 short action $900 MPA BA Comp fde for Remington 700 short action. $750 Also have a mlock Snyder precision weight kit to add Willing to trade on manners eh1
  5. 360Precision

    300 PRC Rifle, MDT ACC Chassis, Curtis Helix Long Action

    Chassis MDT – ACC Chassis (Custom Cerakote Black & Red) includes Standard SRS-X Elite Buttstock MDT – Vertical Grip MDT – Interior forend weight kit MDT – exterior M-Lok weights (2 pair) MDT – Buttstock weight Action & Trigger Curtis Helix Long Action Triggertech Diamond Flat Trigger Barrel...
  6. Oryx_Official

    ORYX Black Friday Sale - $299.95 Factory Seconds

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE goes LIVE at 3pm (1500hrs) PST on 25 Nov 20201 until Midnight on 29 Nov. Black Friday is the one time of year we sell off our factory seconds chassis. They're 100% functional but only have a cosmetic defect that we wouldn't want someone to pay full price for. Only $299.95...
  7. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom build .223 wylde savage axis

    For sale is a rifle built from a savage axis action with the following parts: - Savage axis action / bolt, tactical bolt handle - Bison gun works .223 wylde 25" stainless, 1-7 twist, target crown, contour unknown (varmint?) but could provide measurements. Made from a green mountain barrel...
  8. BrentM

    Mdt lss xl gen1, savage long action

    This chassis is up for sale if anyone is interested. Takes aics mags 3.715”. Chassis is good to go except, I relieved the lug area for a trued savage action, so the chassis lug area needs to be bedded. Unless you want the action as a matches set. We can discuss 650.00 plus shipping
  9. L

    SOLD/EXPIRED Cadex Defence / MDT Modular Driven Technologies CHASSIS Sale

    Ladies and Gentleman, We're a new sponsor here and proud to be part of the community! We wanted to start off with a special sale specifically for the members of LRH. Get 20% OFF with coupon code: LRH20DEAL This deal is exclusively for our Cadex Defence and MDT Modular Driven Technologies...