1. 82bluestang

    SOLD/EXPIRED Mpa chassis m700 la folder fs 800$

    I have a tungsten grey mpa ba chassis folding stock with all the original pieces and parts. 2-10rd 300 win mag magazines. It also comes with the mono pod. Nv rail from the factory and the inserts to run bigger magazines. Barreled action, bipod, and scope are not part of the sale. It will ship in...
  2. TX mountain hunter

    Smith and Wesson 460 magnum Performance Center

    Smith and Wesson 460 magnum performance center. Around 4 or 5 years old, maybe 20-30 rounds fired. It was a gift and I’m not much of a handguns guy. Bipod and EO Tech sights included, would only sell separate if gun sells first without. Asking $1900 (now $1600) for entire setup, no rush to...
  3. Overkill338

    .300 Weatherby Magnum

    Since I'm going to be moving from my Ruger .300 Win Mag, to a Weatherby in .300 Roy, I figured I'd ask about it. Is there any things it specifically does better than the Win Mag (aside from recoil force) ? Any quirks with reloading and shooting, that you have to get used to? I've never owned...
  4. .30cal fanatic

    Magnum/Super Magnum Barrel Life Register

    i thought it would be cool if we had a registry of shooters experiences with barrel life on the larger magnums, that way users have atleast an approximation of what to expect when choosing a chambering. I have shot over 2000 rounds with my win and rem mags but have recently built quite a few of...
  5. tactlt

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Rifle

    Dakota Arms Model 76 Custom Bolt Action Rifle - 300 Dakota Early (3 digit SN) Custom Built by Don Allen and Pete Grisel co-founder of the American Custom Gun Makers Guild, Extraordinary Tiger Stripe Walnut Stock, Wrap Around Multi-Point Checkering, Shadow Line Cheekpiece, Trigger Guard Floor...
  6. Overkill338

    Lets discuss one of my favorite topics. The 30 cals

    Is the .30-378 still the king? With all these new cartridges, is there even a still a place for the monster Roy, with its hen teeth brass, and disposable barrels? If you made a 30 cal with 8mm Rem Mag brass, wouldnt that just be an H&H? I did find out today, that my 30-375 Ruger wildcat (in...
  7. H

    Important life decision.

    I'm just getting into Long Range. I have been using a .308 but I'm putting together a purpose built rifle in 264 Win Mag or 26 Nosler. What I'm contemplating is is who to buy the barrel from. I could get an E.R. Shaw barrel and install it myself or I go with a Krieger or Lilja blank and have...
  8. 4mattmyers

    Winchester 338 Win Mag

    Winchester M70 XTR sporter in .338 Winchester Magnum. this is a push feed action. has bushnell 4-12x50 scope. blued finish is in great shape. stock has a few minor scratches from normal use. internals are rust free and function perfectly. action is really smooth. it shot 1 MOA @ 100 in 5...
  9. 65WSM

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Cases Winchester New

    Two 50piece bags sealed and unopened. One bag of 29, opened. 129 cases new and unfired. Winchester manufactured from the same lot. PayPal would be great. I will wait for a check or money order. $45 delivered.
  10. Rex Tibor

    Howdy! I am Rex Tibor (aka TiborasaurusRex)

    Howdy, fellow long range hunters! My name is Rex! I am pleased to be a new member of the community here! I have been reading articles and reading through the forums here for many years! Quick Introduction: I am a guitar player! I enjoy extreme long range (ELR) precision shooting! I am a...
  11. specter29

    Stiller Brux Manners 300 winmag

    Selling my Custom Built Piercision Rifle 300 win mag built by Ryan Pierce only has 10 rounds fired time to move on to a new project. it is throated for the 215 Bergers. Bipod not for sale any questions PM me or call 920-373-9603 Rifle and scope ( Athlon Cronus BTR) $5,100 Only Rifle $3,500...
  12. E

    .338 Sherman Short Mag build

    There have been hints that a 338 SS build was in the works, and it is true. Rich and I spoke recently, and he committed to having a reamer built, and I committed to building the rifle. I am extremely excited about the build, and can't wait to get it in my hands. Now for the underwhelming part...
  13. C

    Weatherby MKV 7mm Weatherby Mag

    Are you looking for that special Christmas Present for someone? This is it. A Weatherby MKV 7mm weatherby magnum. Right Hand Bolt. It has the wood stock, 26 inch bbl is blue, and comes with leupold rings. The gun is in between 90 to 95% not because of the round count but it does have a small...
  14. M

    SOLD/EXPIRED Looking for a Savage Magnum Action, cheap

    Like the title states. Complete gun, action only, etc. As long as it's got the magnum boltface and is LA. I just inherited a nice barrel cut for a Savage so I thought I'd try to build it up. The cheaper the better. Thanks for looking.