imr 4064

  1. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED IMR 4064 8lb Colorado Springs

    I am looking to trade an unopened 8lb jug of IMR 4064. I am looking for a powder that is more temp stable and a bit more consistent overall. I am currently interested in CFE 223, 8208XBR, AR-Comp, Varget, or N140. I would be willing to let it go for $280. I live in Colorado Springs and I am...
  2. J

    IMR 4064!!!! Colorado

    I have an 8 pounder of 4064 that I am looking to trade for primarily Varget. I would also be willing to trade for IMR 4166, IMR4895, 8208XBR, CFE223, RL-26, H1000, or Retumbo. I also have a 1 lb container of 4064 which I would prefer the same items listed above. I would also be willing to trade...
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    IMR 4064 and AC4064

    I have 9 lbs of IMR 4064 and 3 of Accurate 4064. I am looking to trade them for varget or IMR 4166 if possible. I am in the Colorado Springs Area so if you are within 4 hrs of me I would be happy to meet up for trades. I will be a traveling through Wyoming/Montana next week so if you are open...