hammer bullet

  1. Adipose

    104 gr Heavy Hammer Hunter

    Can’t find hardly any info on this bullet. Has anyone tried these in a 257 WBY or any 25cal for that matter. Care to share experience and load? Much appreciated.
  2. specter29

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom 338 SS Rifle and NightForce Scope Package

    For sale 338 Sherman Shortmag original rifle was a 300 winchester magnum built by Ryan Pierce Nick at StraightJacket Armory Rebarreled it with a Proof Barrel to a long throated 338 Sherman Shortmag 24" proof barrel 1:9.4 twist Peircision self timing brake Manners EH1 stock Stiller Predator...
  3. J

    30-30 contender and Hammers?

    Greetings from Az, friends! I have a Contender Super 14 30-30, looking for any advice from anybody that’s loaded for it, particularly with Hammer Bullets. I was so impressed with them in my 358 Norma that I can’t hardly steer away from them. Ive got Varget, H4350, H4831, cfr223, and probably...
  4. U

    Any of you guys ever load the hammer bullets for 7mm wsm ?

    Wondering if you guys could recommend a good big game bullet by hammer that I could use in my new 7mm wsm ? Maybe a starting point for load development as well . Thanks !
  5. S

    First Black Bear

    Well I saw this bear about a month ago from 550 yards away and he never gave me an opportunity because he was moving at a good pace like he was on his way somewhere important lol. Fast forward to yesterday (10/4) and I’m by myself hunting for deer in this basin I saw a giant blacktail in like 2...