1. K

    Custom Rifle Questions

    I am looking at having a custom rifle built and am trying to decide on a caliber and barrel length to go with. I am wanting to build a lightweight rifle and also want to run a suppressor. I am between 2 calibers right now but am open to suggestions. I also plan on reloading for whichever...
  2. John-Pure Precision

    Worlds Furthest Recorded Muzzleloader Shot

    This is way cool!! Pushing the limits.
  3. jbo829


    Hello fellow members I’m in the market for another hunting rifle with that being said I’m not saying calibers since I don’t want a debate mainly looking for pros/cons of people with the following brands I’m looking at Tikka Christiansen arms Fierce Browning I want a gun I can customize...
  4. A

    Arkansas Bill SB298

    SB298 passed the Arkansas Senate and is being sent to the House. If this goes through it will be a huge win for gun rights in Arkansas. It basically forbids the enforcement of any unconstitutional federal gun laws passed and in the future...
  5. Sgt. grizz

    What is the best lathe choice for barrel work?

    My barreling lathe just bit the dust. I’m looking for ideas for a new lathe to do Gunsmithing on. Any ideas? I am thinking of a grizzly for now. What would you do? I don’t want to rebuild my old enco 110-2033 because I am having a hard time finding parts for it; the low speed rod only works for...
  6. H

    Hawk Hill Match Video

    Hey guys here is a short you tube video of our first match with the new AR-15 rifles and barrels. We will try and do a longer version in the near future. The new brakes worked awesome, was able to neutralize the two shot targets using double taps with ease. Targets never left the sight picture...