1. ellison3dpro

    Minox md88 20-60

    I have a German made minox md88 20-60 spotting scope for sale or trade. Great shape and glass is amazing. Just more than I need. I do not have the box, it will only come with the lense covers. I'm more wanting to sell but I will listen to trade offers. Looking to get 900 obo shipped and insured.
  2. BigBuck74

    JP Sauer 90's, Steyr Luxus Grades, Merkel's, Drillings, Double Rifles

    I am looking for JP Sauer 90 rifles, Steyr Luxus Grade rifles, German Drillings, double rifles, Merkel shotguns, Browning Olympian and Medallion grade safari rifles. I am a collector of these rifles and am willing to pay good money for them. Please PM me if you have or know anyone willing to sell.
  3. BigBuck74

    Blaser R93 Euro Luxus Grade 7 wood

    Gun is a Blaser R93 Euro Luxus with Grade 7 wood. Comes with .300 Rum barrel and .375 H&H barrel. QDM scope bases 2 separate bolt groups rather than just bolt heads, all the Blaser tools and all in a fitted Aluminum Case. This was a 10k set up with all accessories. It has been a safe queen since...
  4. BigBuck74

    Blaser R93 Euro Luxus Set .300/.375H&H 2 Schmidt Bender Scopes!

    Up for sale is an exquisite Blaser R93 Euro Luxus 2 barrel African Set, with 2 Schmidt Bender Scopes. This set retails for over 9k without optics. Value of the optics are over $5000.00 alone!! The rifle features a hand rubbed oil finish, deep relief engraving of a cape buffalo scene on one side...
  5. D

    New to this site- looking for help

    Just moved up to Colorado from Texas and am looking forward to all that this state has to offer hunting and shooting wise! Anyone out there happen to know who made this scope. No manufacturer markings that I can find. Just the deer/stag and the german words underneath. It is a 4-12x with a...