1. longrangehunterII

    SOLD/EXPIRED SAKO/GA Precision TRG-42 300 Norma Mag

    SAKO/GA Precision TRG-42 300 NORMA MAG (Scope is NOT Included…. but the one piece Three Ring scope mount is included). Up for Sale is my SAKO TRG-42 barreled and chambered by GA Precision in 300 NM. Bartlein Rem Sendero 1:8 twist, 27 1/4" treaded to M18x1.0 Rifle weights just under 16.5 lbs...
  2. RobertB

    G.A. Precision 6.5 CM/6.5 PRC

    Brand new! Only test fired by GAP. I have identical rifles, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC Built by the best with the best components. With 2 price increases since I bought these it would cost much more to build these today. Rifles weigh 7.7# Mack Bros Evo2 Bartlein CFW #14 24” 7.75 tw Manners LRH...
  3. redchinviking

    Black Friday 300 RUM GAP

    For sale is a custom 300 RUM built by GA precision that includes the following: Defiance Deviant Hunter nitrated/fluted Proof research 26" carbon 10:1 twist Manners T5 Elite carbon, Badger Ordnance BDL cerakote Wyatt's extended Mag box Jewel trigger Terminator T3 5 port side brake Comes in...
  4. C


    I have for sale a GA Precision Templar Hunter SA VII chambered in 6.5PRC, I purchased this gun a few months ago but decided it is more gun than I need to hunt with and I have a Fierce Carbon Rival 300PRC and Seekins 6.5 Creedmoor that will serve me well. I have not shot it at all, and was told...
  5. P

    SOLD/EXPIRED 6GT Alpha brass, 500ct, extras

    NIB (5) 100rnd boxes, 500 total rounds, same lot number 6GT Alpha brass. Comes with new GAP fitted hat and oal cartridge comparator from GAP. My loss, your gain. Would like to keep whole for same lot number. Boxed and ready to ship. Thanks for looking. $650 TYD lower 48. PayPal ff, Venmo .
  6. S

    6.5 saum/gap bushing die set

    Anybody have a 6.5 saum/gap die set they’d sell? Preferably the Redding bushing set with the competition seater? Figured I’d ask before I placed an order online
  7. elkoholic72

    Hornady 6.5 GAP brass for sale

    I have 74 pieces of never fired Hornady GAP 4s brass for sale. Purchased either last winter or early spring. Definitely latest generation. 85 shipped usps priority. Ben