elk rifle

  1. Eric_F

    FFP scope for an elk rifle

    Hi guys. I know there are lots of similar threads and I've read many of them. But spending other people's money is fun, right? I'm looking for a scope to put on my .284 Win Tikka for an elk hunting trip to Colorado this coming season: It will be my first western hunting trip, but I've been deer...
  2. RuttingRN

    Back in the Saddle Again…Well Almost.

    Good evening ladies and gents, This is my first post so please excuse me if I’m reviving a beaten/dead horse. Also, I apologize for the novel below…whoops. I grew up shooting and hunting (since I could hold and safely use a firearm). Mind you I was never taught the sciences of shooting, just...
  3. A

    300 RUM project coming along nicely

    This past summer and Fall the LR 6.5 CTR/NF combo followed me around everywhere with awesome success. However, I have a 300 rum "project" that was my "backup rifle" that followed me along as well. Now that my big game hunting is over for the year I have been putting effort into getting the RUM...