deer rut hunt

  1. adictosacazar

    Roe Deer.

    Spain has some great Roe Deer, hope you like them.
  2. adictosacazar

    Stag on the Wall.

    Stag from the Last season on the Wall! Location: Spain
  3. adictosacazar

    Deer's from our last season.

    Cant wait for this season to start, this are some great ones we took last season in our Spain area, hope you like them: Rifle: .270WSM Christensen. Ammo: Federal Premium Ammunition
  4. adictosacazar

    Stag Down.

    Hope you like this Stag we hunted last season in our Spain area.
  5. D

    Mule deer outfitter?

    We all know how hard it is to draw tags these days, so I'm thinking of going with an outfitter for " Trophy Mule Deer" ? Ive been killing bucks since 1965 and yet have been able to take a giant Mule deer buck. Do any of you recommend a outfitter that will be able to put me on a good buck? I know...