cz 527

  1. Lowedown

    Looking for CZ 527 stock

    I have a 527 American for my son but it will be a few years until he can use the full sized stock. I hate to cut up the only one I have so I'm hoping to find a reasonably priced "take off" stock I can alter to fit him. :) Wood is preferred but a synthetic take off would work also. I'm not...
  2. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Cz527 Varmint 17 Remington

    Cz527 17 Remington in perfect condition has less than 150 rounds on barrel has mostly been a safe queen.comes with a 4-12 Nikon scope,nosler and Remington brass ,hornady die set,and le Wilson case gage.I am asking $1600obo and buyer pays shipping.
  3. grog24

    CZ 527 - honest prelim review

    Hello all. I just purchased a CZ 527 suppressor ready in 6.5 Grendel and unboxed it last night. No range time yet, but I will update accordingly. I will try to give honest feedback so you can decide if the gun could potentially work for you. My post will be somewhat long but hopefully...
  4. H

    CZ 527 Varmint w/ Bell and Carlson Stock and SWFA SS scope

    I have CZ 527 Varmint in 223 Rem for sale. It has a 24", 1:9 twist, varmint barrel. This rifle has the CZ Single Set Trigger (SST) set at 1lbs. It has a 5 round detachable magazine and it feeds flawlessly. It has been bedded into a Bell and Carlson fiberglass stock with an alumnum bedding block...