colorado elk hunting

  1. ddman

    Sleeping bag or blankets for cot in wall tent?

    I’m heading on my first Elk hunting trip in Colorado this October ( 2nd Rifle). I’ve got a teton xxl cot and a canvas cutter dominator. I’m trying to decide whether to buy a nice sleeping bag or to get some nice wool type blankets. I’ve done plenty of summer, spring & fall camping just never...
  2. fnlights

    Outfitter for Colorado/Wyoming for under $5,500?

    Has anyone went on a guided hunt in Colorado/Wyoming for under $5,500 (this includes elk tag)? If so, who was the outfitter and how was the experience?
  3. A

    South Fork CO Archery Elk?

    Anyone have any experience elk hunting around South Fork CO? A group of friend just decided to go for archery elk for 10 days. Plan is to go a couple days before the opener to scout. But I already have some other rifle hunts planned and I’d like some info before committing. How crowded is it...
  4. JustPuddles

    Colorado GMU 54

    I moved to Colorado a few years ago from Ohio. I have a Bull Elk tag for the first rifle season in unit 54. I was planning on entering from the rainbow lake trail head (which seems to be very popular) and thinking of having a base camp somewhere between South Baldy and Storm Pass. I grew up deer...
  5. S

    Colorado GMU 521 Elk hunt 3rd Rifle Season 2019

    Hi all. Myself and 3 friends are going to be elk hunting the 3rd rifle season in Colorado GMU 521 this November. We are going to be in the Electric Mountain/Chalk Mountain area. We are taking ATV's and aren't afraid to hike quite aways to get into good hunting. We are all first time elk...