1. ddman

    Sleeping bag or blankets for cot in wall tent?

    I’m heading on my first Elk hunting trip in Colorado this October ( 2nd Rifle). I’ve got a teton xxl cot and a canvas cutter dominator. I’m trying to decide whether to buy a nice sleeping bag or to get some nice wool type blankets. I’ve done plenty of summer, spring & fall camping just never...
  2. D

    SELLER: SOLD - Sitka Fanatic Hunting Camo

    I am selling my excellent condition like new Sitka Fanatic Bib, Jacket, Vest and WS Beanie. All size Medium. Selling because I need a smaller size. SUPER WARM! CRAZY QUIET. Excellent condition. No smoking, no pet house. I've hunted from a stand in them 3-4 times. Here is Sitka's...