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    McMillan Stocks Stalker, Classic, Game scout, Game hunter, A3

    1. McMillan Classic Edge Fill, remington 700 long action factory BDL, holds up to #4 contour, black, pillars, studs, 27oz, 600 shipped SOLD 2. McMillan Game Scout (non edge fill), Remington 700 long action factory BDL, magnum contour, pillars, studs, 36oz, 525 shipped. 3. McMillan Game Stalker...
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    Smith and Wesson 629 Classic DX Pre-lock

    Smith and Wesson 629-5 Classic DX Pre-lock with 6.5" barrel. This revolver is in like new condition and has had less than 50 rounds through it. Comes with all the factory docs, case, and 4 different factory front sights. The target pictured is a factory 5 shot group at 25 yards. $1650 USPS Money...