carbon 6

  1. S

    For Sale 30 Sherman mag: carbon prefit (bighorn origin) with brass, dies, gauge

    For sale is my CarbonSix, 1:8 twist, 20” long, 5/8” muzzle thread, Sendero profile, shouldered prefit for a bighorn origin chambered in 30 Sherman Magnum (300 prc a.i.). Barrel has 542 rounds on it. It will run factory hornady 300 PRC 225 Match ammo at 2700 fps, and I was loading 245 eols at an...
  2. In_Him

    280AI Barreled Action

    Hello Everyone, Further downsizing as I gravitate towards a switch barrel off one single action. This one is a 280 Ackley Improved built on a Tikka Stainless action and a CarbonSix barrel with a variety of Mountain Tactical goodies. I have about 30 rounds through it. I hate to get rid of it...
  3. ducky

    Proof vs. Carbon Six

    6 of one, ½ dozen of the other? I'm interested in buying my first carbin fiber wrapped barrel. Are they pretty much equal or does one stand above the rest, or should I look elswhere? I'm thinking Savage or Remage prefit, 1:8 6 Creed, 18" Sendero, threaded for my suppressor.