1. Hawkeye Pierce

    NEVER BEEN FIRED: POF Revolution. 308 $2400 shipped to FFL. Offers and trades will be considered for AR-10 and money. 16.5 in barrel, black, piston, the same size and weight as an AR-15, but in .308. That's right never been fired, I don't think I have even chambered a round. It been...
  2. D

    WTB Ruger .44 Mag Carbine.

    Looking to buy the Ruger 44 magnum carbine. Looking for good-excellent condition, with or without optics. My dad and I had 2 of these in the 80’s. I sold them like a dummy in 98’.
  3. Hawkeye Pierce

    SOLD/EXPIRED SCAR 17 Like new

    Ok guys I know that this isn't a long range hunting rifle but it's a great shooter. It was intended for a DMR build but it never happened, just sat in the safe. I'm going to get a replacement the wife can use a little easier. I would like to sell it locally here in Michigan but with trying to...