1. K

    Custom Rifle Questions

    I am looking at having a custom rifle built and am trying to decide on a caliber and barrel length to go with. I am wanting to build a lightweight rifle and also want to run a suppressor. I am between 2 calibers right now but am open to suggestions. I also plan on reloading for whichever...
  2. M

    Best Caliber Rifle Elk

    Hi everyone, so I am new Elk and deer hunter. I grew up hunting mostly upland game. I am going on a guided Elk hunt in October in Idaho and I looking to purchase a larger caliber rifle than my 6.5 creedmoor. I’ve ready many articles debating this topic. I am a big guy 6-3 230. Not afraid of a...
  3. K

    Good caliber for hunting Pronghorn in WY or CO

    I am working towards a guided hunt for Pronghorn (may have other questions there, but lets keep this post focused on one topic). My reading of the forums suggest that these critters are skitish and thus long range shots is something you need to prepare for. So, my question is what caliber is...
  4. Snyder97

    Hunting without trajectory validation up to 600 meters possible?

    First of all: Why does someone even ask something like that? In many European countries, there is no possibility to train long range shooting very often. Most shooting ranges have 100m and 150m targets. Of course, there are some shooting ranges with targets up to 1000 Meters, but they are...
  5. D

    Wound difference between different calibers of equal weight

    Interested in general conversation especially real life experience of effects on game between various calibers of equal weight and relatively comparable speed. Example Energy at distance calculated with standard Hornady ballistic calculator Wind speed: 0 Altitude: 0 Humidity(%) 78...