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    SOLD/EXPIRED New Lapua 6.5 grendel brass 100x

    100 pieces of 6.5 grendel brass. Still sealed in the blue plastic box. Just no longer needed. $105 shipped. Paypal gift or add $3. Thanks Brian
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    SOLD/EXPIRED Redding dies, Nosler brass, Berger & Nosler bullets

    I have gotten rid of my 7mm rem mag, so I would like to sell my reloading equipment for it. I have the Following: Redding competition bushing 3 die set # 58136 with the .309 titanium bushing, comes with the VLD and standard seating stem -$150 shipped SOLD 81 pieces of Nosler brass, they have...
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    SOLD/EXPIRED 100 Hornady .338 Lapua brass ammo 285 gr brass

    I have 100 rounds of Hornady .338 Lapua 285 grain. This is packaged 20 rounds per box, and I have 5 boxes for sale, for a total of 100 rounds. Each round is brass cased, non-corrosive, boxer primed, and has a 285 grain BTHP Boat Tailed Hollow Point bullet. This ammunition is manufacture, made...
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    .338 Edge Brass Prep Trouble--Poor Runout....

    I am new to the Edge caliber and am having some difficulties getting the virgin brass prepped well. I am using the .300 UM brass and Redding .338 UM dies to neck up. I frequently get very poor runout on the necks (sometimes up to 8 thousanths) when I check after using the FL die, so I have been...