1. Andrew Kopman


    I have some once fired Hornady Brass for a 300 PRC, 65 pieces, never been resized. $125 OBO shipped to your door in lower 48, anywhere else will have to charge shipping.
  2. fnlights

    Norma vs Lapua Brass

    Looking for some new brass for my .300 Win Mag - I am newer to reloading and do not have any experience with either of these. I know Lapua is starting to produce some .300 Win Mag brass at "some point in Q2". So who knows when that will be and even with that, when you will be able to find it...
  3. P

    6.5 Grendel components

    Looking for brass, dies and bullets for a 6.5 Grendel
  4. P

    .270 Wby Mag Brass

    .270 Weatherby Mag brass for Sale. #155 pieces, once fired. $150, includes shipping - Paypal or Venmo.
  5. CMDR Kibo

    SOLD/EXPIRED Weatherby (Norma) 30-378 Brass

    I gifted my nephew my .30-378 rifle several years ago and he’s having a blast with it. Despite my best efforts, he is not interested in reloading so I have decided to sell the brass. 115 pcs of WBY (Norma) Brass 1 and 2x fired. $145 plus $15 for USPS priority mail medium box. Most of this...
  6. F

    300 Weatherby brass, bullets, and die set

    Rcbs 2 piece die set 20 unfired weatherby head stamp brass 56 fired weatherby head stamp brass (needs to be tumbled but in good shape) 50 ct unopened nosler partitions 180 gr .308 asking 220
  7. BlazerBeam

    Unfired 338 RUM ADG brass

    Let me know if you’ve got 50 pieces to spare. I have things I could trade, but will also buy. Thanks
  8. B

    Nosler 300 WBY Brass

    I have a box of 50 unopened Nosler 300 WBY mag and 50 once fired Nosler 300 WBY mag pieces of brass for sale. $180 shipped paypal f&f No trades please
  9. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED WTT 6.5 PRC Brass for ADG 300 PRC

    I’m looking to trade 100 new Gunwerks or ADG 6.5 PRC Brass for 100 new ADG 300 PRC brass. Will not sell, trade only. Thanks for looking.
  10. jbo829

    Trade 28 nosler brass

    I have up for trade some 28 nosler brass looking for 7 saum brass or some 325 wsm brass was going to build this 28 but it’s too much gun for my needs box is opened but brass is brand new
  11. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED Hornady .204 Ruger brass

    I have a bunch of 204 brass fired through a bolt gun available. I have 495 pieces that are once fired (145 of those have been cleaned, sized, and chamfer/deburr and are ready to load) I also have 130 pieces that have been fired twice. All of this brass has been stainless media tumbled, so you...
  12. Blaster01

    Alpha 6gt brass

    Does anyone have any alpha 6gt brass they’d be willing to part with? Or heard anything about when it will be back in stock?
  13. Blaster01

    NIB Nosler 28 Nosler brass 25ct

    Like the title says, new unopened box of 25 pieces of Nosler brand 28 Nosler brass. $50. Venmo or PayPal works
  14. Chris J Spierings

    7mag, 243, and 280 brass for sale

    All twice fired 7mm Rem Mag Hornady brass two bags 40 pieces per bag $20/bag 243 Win Remington brass 40 pieces $20 280 Rem, 13 pieces Federal 20 pieces Remington $20 Take it all for $80 shipped in the lower 48
  15. S

    Problems w/Norma ammo - need advice

    Bought 6 boxes of Norma 308 Norma mag 180 gr Oryx precision ammo from Trade Ex Canada (T.E.C.) and all were from the same lot. I had purchased a Browning Safari grade 1 along with a Sig Sauer BDX scope/rangefinder and had planned on using the combo on a bison hunt this last fall. After putting...
  16. bkshafer

    338 Win Mag Winchester Brass

    I have a bag of 50 new unfired 338 Winchester magnum brass for sale or trade. The bag is open but all 50 pieces are there. I bought these a couple years ago and actually sold the rifle shortly after I bought them. I'm asking $35.00 STYD anywhere in the USA. I can take PayPal friends and family...
  17. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass

    Selling 3 unopened boxes of Peterson 300 Win Mag (Long) Brass (150 total). This is the newly released version. I am selling it because I found some more ADG and do not want to have to redo load work up. Asking what I paid - $225 TYD.
  18. tr175

    Frankfort Arsenal Case Prep

    Anyone selling a Frankford Arsenal case prep station like the one pictured?
  19. BlazerBeam

    WTT ADG 28 Nosler brass for some quality 300 PRC brass

    I have 100 pieces of once and twice fired ADG 28 nosler brass that I would trade for even 50 pieces of ADG or equivalent 300 PRC brass. Let me know what you got 👍🏼 Thanks
  20. Blaster01

    For the 25 creedmoor guys. Or the guys who’ve used Alpha or Petersen brass. Or both.

    Well my 25 creedmoor build is coming along now and I was wondering about brass. There’s two companies who make head stamped brass for the 25. Alpha munitions and Petersen. I was wondering what might make a guy choose one over the other. Anybody have experience with these that can shed some...