1. Ckgworks

    Right Handed Mathews Z7 bow

    I have a Mathews Z7, 70# limbs with 27.5" cams in it. Bare bow, with newer strings and peep sight but nothing else. It's in really nice shape, with a few minor wear spots....It looks to be well taken care of, or shot very little. I bought a guy that needed cash, out of some of his hunting...
  2. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED Compound bows

    1. 2015 Obsession Fusion 6. Has a 29" draw and 80lb limbs in stormy hardwoods original. Will come with matching Dead Center Stabilizer. Bow is in excellent condition. $500.00 2. 2015 Obsession Addiction. Has a 29.5" draw and 60lb limbs. Has a white riser with Black limbs and Orange cams. Very...