1. kmarsh1966

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 108 Boat Tail Target - 1K unopened

    Berger 6mm 108 Boat Tail Target - 1K in 500 count unopened boxes. Will sell for $210/500 - 0r $800 Shipped CONUS would take 6mm 105 Berger Hybrid Target in trade 1:1 PP F&F, Venmo, or Zelle
  2. M

    Bullets and Reloading Equipment

    30 CAL STUFF Quantity: 100 – Brand New 308 Win Lapua Brass - $85.00 Quantity: 100 – Brand New 308 Win Starline Brass - $55.00 Quantity: 170 - Sierra HPBT MatchKings (#2200) Bullets - 168gr - 30cal/0.308 - $75.00 Quantity: 47 - Sierra HPBT (#2140) Bullets - 165gr - 30cal/0.308 - $30.00...
  3. S

    6.5 SAUM Brass, Redding Press and Berger Bullets

    I have the following for sale. All prices are shipped to the lower 48. PM with questions. SOLD - 100 pieces of new Bertram 6.5 SAUM brass. SOLD - Box of 500, 30 cal Berger 168 gr VLD Hunting bullets. $325 -Redding Ultra Mag press. $335
  4. A

    SOLD/EXPIRED 130 gr VLD Hunting

    I have an open 500ct box with 290 bullets left inside. $200 shipped.
  5. B

    SOLD/EXPIRED Wtb 270 berger vld 150gr

    I’m looking to buy 200 pieces of 270 150gr Berger vld. If anybody has any to sell or knows where some is in stock, I would appreciate the help.
  6. TriggerTime426

    WTT Hornaday .30 208 eldm for .277 165 nosler ablr or 170 berger

    WTT Hornaday .30 208 eldm for .277 165 nosler ablr or 170 berger eol I have a box of 100 208 eldms 26 were pulled the rest never seated
  7. TriggerTime426

    156 berger long range performance

    Ive been meaning to do a write up about how my particular bullet behaved. I know there are quite a few threads regarding how bergers perform on game, alot of people report that they don't get exit wounds with them so I thought I would give a detailed account of how the 6.5 156 performed. The...
  8. A

    WTT Berger 156 EOL

    I have 4 unopened boxes of 100ct Berger 6.5mm 156gr EOL Elite Hunter. Would prefer to trade for Berger 30cal bullets. 215gr hybrids, 220gr hybrids, 230gr hybrids or 245gr hybrids. 200 same lot 200 same lot
  9. J

    Berger .30 185s

    1 box of Berger .30 185gr VLD target, qty 93 bullets in the box. $50 shipped. Will also trade towards 6.5 PRC brass
  10. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 30 cal 185 gr Classic Hunter

    I have for sale 343 of the 30 caliber Berger 185 gr Classic Hunter bullets. 3 unopened boxes, and one partial box. I had these for loading for a friend's 300 WSM, but he changed course. $225 shipped OBO. I can do Paypal FF, Venmo, USPS MO, or possibly other options.
  11. R

    Berger 7mm 168 VLD Hunting WTT

    I have two full unopened boxes (different lots) of Berger 7mm 168 VLD hunting I would like to trade for some Berger 7mm 175 grain elite hunters or Berger 7mm 180 hybrid targets. I also have four boxes of 7mm Berger 184 hybrid targets (all same lot), 5 boxes of Barnes 7mm 168 LRX bullets, or some...
  12. R

    SOLD/EXPIRED 308 Berger 175 VLD Hunting

    Have 3 sealed boxes of the 175 vld hunting. 175 shipped. OBO
  13. K

    .338 Bullets for sale

    All of these bullets are 300 grain and for sale: - 90 Berger OTM Hybrid tactical - 97 SMK's from one lot - 99 SMK's from another lot $300 for everything and free shipping!
  14. Jack300WSM

    Bullet choice

    BTSP Gameking type bullet or Berger Hunting VLD’s? Typical shots on whitetail within 400yds at around 3000fps at the muzzle. I’m sure this will get mixed opinions. I’ve never used the old school Gameking but people swear by them and I have used Berger Hunting VLDs with mixed results which were...
  15. JKPhoto

    Berger .30 Caliber L.R. Hybrid Target 220 grain

    Looking to purchase or trade for Berger 220gr LRHT .308" The more the better!! :)
  16. O

    Berger 7mm 175gr EH

    I'm looking for Berger 7mm 175gr Elite Hunters. I know these are hard to come by, but thought this would be worth a shot. I have a large number of 30 cal projectiles (Berger/Hornady) I can trade, if that is preferred, but I'd rather just buy them outright. I normally don't have personal stock...
  17. Petey308

    Berger Hybrid vs Berger VLD

    So I finally got to dissecting a Berger Hybrid not too long ago. What I found confirms my long suspicion as well as others I've talked to about them and their performance. There's an enormous cavity below the open tip and before the core. Not all OTM style bullets are like this, at least not to...
  18. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Swarovski x5i 5-25

    Swarovski x5i 5-25 4wx-i reticle. Mounted and shot at the range but never hunted with. $2100 shipped. Also have Swarovski scope caps that are new in box that could be purchased with the scope.
  19. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm 180gr Berger Hybrid Bullets

    I have 2 boxes of 500 count 7mm Berger Hybrid 180gr bullets, each box is a different lot. Asking $340 per box of 500 Bergers. All boxes are new and sealed. Selling because I’m selling the rifles they were meant for.
  20. Dukerugger25

    SOLD/EXPIRED 30 cals: ELDM 225gr

    I’m selling 1 box of 225gr Hornady ELDMs for $60. box is unopened. Selling because I switched to the heavier 245gr pills.