1. C

    225 ELDM

    172-225 grain Eldms plus 24 pulled ones in separate bag for a total of 196. $60 shipped.
  2. C

    Trade Berger 140 for 156

    Anybody willing to trade some 156 elite hunters for some 140 elite hunters. I'm looking to try the 156's and have plenty of the 140's.
  3. C

    Berger 215 twist rate??

    On bergers web page it lists a 1:10 twist rate. Is a 1:8 going to be too fast? 225 ELDM's are calling for a 1:9. Gun would either be a 300 prc or a 30 Sherman Magnum. Thoughts.
  4. S

    Bench cleaning bullet sale

    Hornady bullets -25cal .257 interlock 117gr 100qty open box $22 -7mm .284 interlock 139gr 100qty $25 tyd -375cal .375 interlock 270gr 50qty $26
  5. 6

    WTS Rbros 300 Win Mag Barreled Action

    WTS Rbros 300 Win Mag barreled action. Action is a Rbros Rogue (Defiance Rebel Hybrid) with pinned 20 MOA rail. Barrel is 28" Broughton 1:10 twist and has a 3 port muzzle brake turned to the same outer diameter of the barrel for a seamless look. Barrel is fluted with straight flutes. Contour is...
  6. B

    6mm Creedmoor all range coyote load

    Hey all, I'm usually in the big game hunting conversations on this website, but my year round hobby is coyote hunting. I use a 204 ruger with benchmark, topped with a 39gr blitzking. This is the most fur friendly coyote load I've found, that still has knock down power at 400 yards, out of a 204...
  7. HeathGT

    Berger bullets, Nosler brass, Nosler bullets, RCBS dies

    I am selling some stuff I've had laying around for the last year or so and I'd like to clear some room on my bench. New RCBS 300 WBY Mag die set (RCBS#15201). $25 shipped Contact me at 334-398-0938. Thanks!
  8. S

    New member Bullet questions

    When I resided in CO I used Noslers for both .270 and 7mm cal. had good results no issues, especially on shoulder hits. I have been using Berger 52 grain for coyotes with great results... Best accuracy on bench and hard drops on hit coyotes. I recently decided to start using Berger's for...
  9. IdahoHunter208

    Recent 28 Nosler Proven Load Data

    I just have a custom 28 Nosler built and was wanting to pick everyone brain a bit. I’ve read a ton of other threads on LRH as well as other forums but haven’t seen any super recent data with proven results. I know @rpierce has had a ton of experience and I have chatted with him a bit. Let me...
  10. M

    Berger 156's in 6.5 x 284 norma

    Is there anyone playing with this yet? And if so what are you finding that is working best for you. I am not seeing a lot of data out in the wild yet. I have a savage 116 with 26 in barrel. Thanks
  11. bob4

    Berger, Sierra and Forster BBN

    Shipping flat rate: Berger 30cal 175 gn VLD hunting (197). . $80 shipped Forster Bushing, bump, neck sizing dies. 270 win and 300 WM , each has extra pins and 3 bushings in original boxes.. $50 each shipped. Will text pics if you like ************************************** 2 boxes (200...
  12. Overkill338

    185 Berger CH from a 24" 300 WM

    What kind of velocity are you getting? How was accuracy for you? How have they proven on deer, elk, and bear? Thanks!
  13. StanB

    Nosler 7mm 175gr Accubond Long Range Bullets

    2 boxes of 100, plus 21 remaining from a third box. $48 per full box, plus $8 shipping each. $100 for the whole lot, plus $8 shipping.
  14. Floundertrap

    WTB .277 cal Matrix 165 and 175gn Hunting Bullets

    I'm looking to buy 165gn and 175gn matrix hunting bullets in .277 (.270). Partial boxes welcome. I'll be running a 270wsm on an AB2 long action with a 28" brux 8-twist bbl. I'm open to other overbore bullets you may have as well. I have the 170 Berger EOL hunters already.
  15. M

    Looking for a good bullet for 6.5x284

    I am looking for a good do it all bullet for elk and deer out of a 6.5x284. This wont be real long most of the shots with this rifle will be out to 550 or less. I do reload. I have had good luck with Bergers in my 300 WM. But that is a different animal. Thanks
  16. S

    Help: 300 win mag load development

    Ok team, i’ve been doing some load development. I conducted an OCW test and landed with 71gr H4831sc behind a 200gr Berger hybrid. Today I tested the loads stability. I shot x2 70.5gr, x4 71, x2 71.5gr (top 3 targets in the picture). *for all the seating depth targets there are 4 shells too*...
  17. H

    Misc. 7mm bullets

    7mm Bullets - Individually as priced + shipping OR all for $90 Shipped 35 Count – Cutting Edge 120 grain Copper Raptor #ERJ120CURAPTOR - $25 100 Count – Hornady 139 grain Interlock SP #2820 - $20 64 Count – Hornady 139 grain Interlock BTSP #2825 - $10 50 Count – Barnes 145 grain LRX #30282 -...
  18. Mc Fraser

    Q&A: 300 WM with 210 gr VLD Hunting Project

    Hi Everyone, I thought I might share my rabbit hole project with the community and get some useful advice in return. Len asked me (and everyone else for that matter) to introduce myself and what better way than to share my story. Me: Avid hunter with 5 years experience, first hunting season...
  19. BigBuck74

    Borden Custom 6.5-06 with Ammo, Brass, Dies & Load Data

    ****SOLD PENDING FUNDS**** I am selling my Borden Timberline custom 6.5-06 built by Weaver Rifles out of Colorado. The gun has no more than 50 rounds through it, that includes the 30 rounds I shot and the load work. The gun will shoot in the .2's. Just a great round, pushing 140gr.VLD's @...
  20. T

    Berger bullets! 7mm 6mm 25 cal

    Sold sold sold everything’s gone 900- 7mm target hybrid 180 grain $385 300- 7mm hunting 180 grain sold 100- 7mm hunting 180 grain sold 100-7mm hunting 180 grain open box $40 100- 7mm 168 classic hunters $45 300- 25 cal hunting 115 grain SPF 400- 6mm hunting 105 grain $130 All new...