berger hybrid

  1. J

    Berger 153.5 hybrids

    In need of some 6.5 153.5 hybrids, 2 or 3 boxes would be plenty, and would be much appreciated. Thanks, Josh
  2. Mc Fraser

    215gr Berger Hybrid Target for hunting

    Hello Everyone, As a hunter I am strictly opposed to hunting with target bullets. That being said bullet manufacturers have been known to advertise target bullets that perform very well on game. My questions for you fellow hunters that have hunted with these bullets are 1. Does the bullet...
  3. BoatTail

    7mm WSM, 162 gr bullet, RL26, 3170 fps?

    I have been considering a number of short action WSM cartridges to build a rifle around for sheep hunting and just a lighter carry. I recently found Alliant is showing that the 7mm WSM with 162 grain bullets and reloader 26 is able to obtain 3171 feet per second out of a 24-inch Barrel. This is...