berger bullets

  1. J

    300WM components (dies, bullets, brass)

    Selling some of my extra loading supplies, these are all for 300WM. Price includes shipping. Included is: -2 unopened boxes of Berger 30cal 200.2 bullets -Redding Type S bushing die w/bushing -Forster Ultra Micrometer seating die - 40 pieces of 2x fired, and annealed, Norma brass Would really...
  2. C

    SOLD/EXPIRED Berger 6.5mm 140 gr Elite Hunter (26552)

    I have 4 un-opened boxes of 6.5mm 140gr Elite Hunter bullets for sale. Model number 26552 with the 0.606 G1 BC and 0.310 G7 BC. All the same Lot number, 400 total bullets... Trying to sell them all together. $160 shipped tyd in the Continental US. (for all 4 boxes) - No trades please Thanks!
  3. benopland


    here is a video of last years prairie dog shoot. we are using a custom built AR-15 chambered in a 204 Ruger. thought you might enjoy a little hype video for this summer:)
  4. B

    A tale of two rifles

    First time posting, long time lurking. Glad to have a forum like this where like minded persons can learn and share! A few years ago I trued and chambered a short action remington with a #9 krieger 1:11 in 308 winchester bedded in a McMillan stock. It's been a lot of fun out to 800 yards...