berger 195 eol 7mm

  1. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 28 Nosler brass & 195 bergers

    Sold my 28 Nosler and selling components the buyer didn’t need. 28 Nosler — Two unopened boxes of Nosler brass with 25 qty in each and 70 once fired Nosler brass . 175$ 460 Berger— 195grain EOL 7mm — 4 unopened and one opened with 60 left in it. $250 400$ for all of it shipped to lower 48...
  2. ColoGuy970

    7mm 195 Bergers

    I have been looking for these bullets for a while. I am just about finished with a 7mm-300 win mag build that was built with these bullets in mind. They have since vanished from the market place, with no indication of when or where they will show up again. I would buy 500 if I could find them...