barreled action

  1. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    IMPACT 737 Barreled Actions

    only 2 available. (We ended up with 2 more on the books we would like gone before the end of the year) Right hand Only, combinations available listed in link below. Only 1899.00!
  2. Nick@Straight-Jacket

    Black Friday sale on Packlite rifles our entire website is on sale today! Save 5% on Pre-fit barrels for TL3 Vector, Terminus, Origin, Axiom, HAVAK, and Accuracy International. Our Packlite Rifles are also on sale! Save 5% and get free shipping (note, color scheme cannot be chosen on site, order...
  3. R

    NEW, 6.5 SAUM, LonePeak, Brux, Hawkins, Barreled Action

    For sale New 6.5 Saum/GAP 4S Barreled action. Lone Peak Razor Action, Brux #4 1:8 twist 24 inch straight fluted barrel, Hawkins side port muzzle break, Black Cerakote. All work done by SS Rifles Colorado. .120 HS. I ordered this barreled action in February and during the long wait I ended up...