barrel swap

  1. HunterShooter

    Win Model 70 Barrel suggestions

    Hi All, I have a Winchester Model 70 Extreme SS in a 30-06 that is only a few years old, but I reload and shoot a LOT. I think my barrel may be coming to the end it's life in the near future. I have been very happy with accuracy to this point as I am getting .3 to .5" 100 yard groups shooting...
  2. megastink

    Swapped my first Savage what?

    Last winter, I found a great deal on an old Savage 11 .22-250 and decided to try my hand at my first barrel swap. Ive always wanted a heavy barrel .243, so I found a factory takeoff, ordered a new nut and some go/no go gauges and did the swap. I put the barrel on myself and I just want to...
  3. D

    Thread the ADL or just Rebarrel it

    So, managed to actually walk into a decent “deal” on Armslist and picked up a pre freedom Remington 700 ADL 30-06 w/ a VX2. Problem is I’m not interested in Hunting unsupressed anymore so I need to decide if I should thread what I have or just go ahead into the rabbit hole and do a full...
  4. M

    Converting a tikka t3 to 6.5 PRC

    I would like to build a 6.5 PRC on a tikka action. What would be the best donor so that i have the least amount of parts to swap. Also what other cals, use the same brass or parent case. Thank You Matt