1. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED Anschutz screw on bolt knobs

    I Have four of these, 2 blue and 2 lilac. Price shipped conus: $12.00 / each
  2. 808mike

    Exemplar bolt

    Looking for a Anschutz Exemplar left handed bolt. Part number 008036. Match 64L action used on 1416 and 1903. Anschutz USA has them listed but out of stock.
  3. T

    Anschutz 22lr

    Looking for a sporter stock ( no monte carlo no beaver tail) with a 21-23 in medium weight barrel. 54 or 64 action. 22lr only. Thx [email protected]
  4. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Anschutz 1903 target rifle

    Very accurate 22 match Rifle. I sent it to Arizona to the Lapua test center. They match the gun to Center-x. It also shoots Ely 10X extremely well. I shot a 100 yard, mini palma, with a score of 447/450 with 37 X's, a match record at the time. I shot a 240/250 50 Yard bench rest with 6 x's...