7mm wsm build

  1. BoatTail

    7MM WSM vs 6.5/300 WSM

    I just had two custom rifles built, one in 6.5/300 WSM and 7MM WSM that I will discuss later. For now I want to introduce the the discussion and get your thoughts. If have a 7MM WSM that is able to shoot a 162 gr Hornady ELD-X's bullets at 3170 fps with 1/2" accuracy at 100 yrs, why would I...
  2. C

    Medium or long action 7mm wsm

    LRH Members, Looking for some general numbers. I happened upon a Winchester Model 70 shadow chambered in 300 WSM at a pawn shop. The action seemed somewhat long to me so I went and grabbed a caliper off the shelf and made an attempt to measure the magazine length... I think it is a shade over...