7mm remington mag

  1. W

    Savage 110 lrh 338 Lapua with 400 brass pcs/ t/c encore 7mm rem mag

    I'd like to get $600 for the brass Savage 110 LRH 338 Lapua 160 ROUNDS THRU $900 T/C ENCORE 7MM REM MAG $550 OBO Contact me on here or by phone or text 313-367-3442 will ship to ffl or sell as a package deal for $1950 shipped. They've been in the safe for years just want to get them out so I...
  2. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    103 Norma 1x Fired, FL Sized and Cleaned 20 FC 1x Fired and FL Sized 31 Hornady 1x Fired, FL Sized, Cleaned and Primed $120 shipped TYD Would trade for 30cal Berger VLD Hunting in 195hr or 210gr. Cross posted.
  3. 2

    7mm Rem Mag Ammo - Hornady Custom 139 Gr.

    I'm looking for a specific product, Hornady 8059 (Hornady Custom 7mm Rem Mag - 139 grain Boat Tail Spire Point). I bought a partial box of 13 rounds, on the cheap, on GB, just to use for sighting in a new rifle (a 44 year old Sako L61R that had never been fired) and stocked up on 6 boxes of...
  4. Jud96

    7mm Rem Mag Loads

    Hey all, I’m looking for some loads for a 7mm Rem Mag. I’ve only loaded for one, and that’s my Dad’s Remington 700. The current load we’re shooting is with 162gr ELDs and RL26 in Norma brass using Fed 215M primers. We have tried multiple charge weights and seat lengths and can’t get consistent...
  5. lovec_1

    Not the first time... 7mm Rem Mag - issues with ELD-X 175gr.

    Hi guys, hereby I'm asking for any help. Here is the story: I shoot older Sako rifle, it has 24.5" long factory varmint barrel with 8.66" twist. Last two seasons I've shot Berger Hybrid 180gr. very successfully. But I love to try always something new and different. So I bought two boxes of...
  6. BoatTail

    7mm WSM Loads @ 3150+

    Recently while looking at Alliant Reloader powders for another project, I came across RL 26 loads for 7 mm WSM that appear to reach 3150 + feet per second with 160 grain bullets. I'll attach screenshot from the Alliant site but was wondering if anybody had validated these loads in your rifles...