7mm rem mag

  1. Runnin N Gunnin

    SOLD/EXPIRED Nosler trophy grade long range 7mm Rem Mag 168 accubond loaded ammo. Sale or trade

    Two boxes plus three singles (43 total) of Nosler trophy grade long range 7mm Rem Mag 168 accubond bullets. Best offer gets them. I purchased them in a large lot of ammo.
  2. trout004

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag ADG Brass - Trade for 300WM?

    Looking for ~ 150 new ADG 7MM Rem Mag brass. Prefer all same lot. I have equal of 300 Win Mag to trade if you are interested.
  3. Stringstalker

    7mm Remington mag go-no go gauge to rent

    I have a Remington action and a new carbon six remake barrel and need to rent a 7mm rem mag go-no go gauge set if anyone has one. I can order one from ptg but they cost about $70 and I’ll only use it once…. If you got one I would be much appreciated to rent it from you for a few days. Thanks Jade
  4. LVJ76

    SOLD/EXPIRED New 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    I have 66 pcs of New, never fired, 7mm Rem Mag R.P. Nickel plated brass for sale. Price is $40.00 + $9.00 for USPS Flat Rate Small Box shipping = $49.00 PayPal or USPS money order Thanks for looking Luis
  5. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED 7mm Rem Mag Brass

    103 Norma 1x Fired, FL Sized and Cleaned 20 FC 1x Fired and FL Sized 31 Hornady 1x Fired, FL Sized, Cleaned and Primed $120 shipped TYD Would trade for 30cal Berger VLD Hunting in 195hr or 210gr. Cross posted.
  6. T

    7mm rem mag, 175 ABLR, 7828SSC

    Hello all, I’m new to LRH and looking for some advice on a rifle I’m loading for. Components: Ruger 77 action Brux stainless 26” 1-8 New Norma brass Fed GM215M 175gr ABLR IMR7828SSC I’m seating bullets to fit mag box, that gives a 0.120 jump. I’m increasing charges 0.3 grain at a time...
  7. 2

    7mm Rem Mag Ammo - Hornady Custom 139 Gr.

    I'm looking for a specific product, Hornady 8059 (Hornady Custom 7mm Rem Mag - 139 grain Boat Tail Spire Point). I bought a partial box of 13 rounds, on the cheap, on GB, just to use for sighting in a new rifle (a 44 year old Sako L61R that had never been fired) and stocked up on 6 boxes of...
  8. LVJ76

    Bonded vs Non Bonded - Accubond vs Berger or SST or Ballistic Tip

    This past deer season I took a coues with a 168gr Berger with my 7mm Rem Mag, my first kill with a Berger and total destruction of vitals, dead on the spot. I've taken several deer with the 139gr SST with my 7mm-08 with the same results, quick kill with vitals turned to smush. Some deer with...
  9. LVJ76

    7mm 168gr Berger Hybrid Hunter

    Good morning A couple of months ago or so I had some loyalty points at Sportsmans Warehouse I had to use or loose them, and I used them on some factory ammo, 7mm Rem Mag Federal Premium with the 168gr Berger Hybrid Hunter. I needed some powder but they didn't have what I needed so I got a few...
  10. R

    Yet another caliber comparison. 300Win Mag or 7mm rem mag

    Pennies were saved and I’m looking to get the new SAKO S20. Current rifle system is a <$1000 .270win and looking to upgrade into something better suited to elk and moose. The S20 comes in a few caliber but the two I’m interested in are 300win mag and 7mm rem mag. I have shot one 7mm mag before...
  11. LVJ76

    7mm 160gr HPBT Sierra Gameking

    Hi all, I have a couple boxes of these bullets, they're the old 160gr. HPBT, not and impressive BC but my max hunting distance is 600 yds so that wont matter much. Sierra says they are a tough bullet and that they hold together pretty well, that they dont blow up on impact and penetrate well...
  12. U

    Browning Xbolt 7mm RM only groups well when hot

    I bought a browning xbolt 7mm RM about a year ago. I have never really been able to get it to shoot consistently. I’ve tried lots of different factory loads and none have grouped well. Hornady, federal, nosler. I started working up a load for the gun and in the last month have found a couple...
  13. Idaho77

    Looking for a 7mm rem mag load

    Hello all, I have a Winchester model 70 laredo that I am looking for a good load recipe for. My buddy works them up, so I have to know what to get for him. The barrel is 26”, however the previous owner left some pitted rust in the barrel near the muzzle so I’m having a gunsmith shorten the...
  14. moa_shooter

    7mm rem mag dies and brass

    I am looking for some 7mm rem mag dies and brass tell me what you have
  15. D

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs for $42 .00 shipped
  16. BlazerBeam

    Fierce Fury 7mm Rem Mag

    SOLD I have a fierce fury 7 Rem Mag for sale with 105 rounds through it. It is a sweet shooter! I just can’t force myself to love a non-30 cal rifle. I thought about rebarreling to a 30 Nosler or something, but just ended up buying a completely new fierce in 300 RUM and am now selling...
  17. D

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs for $42 .00 shipped
  18. D

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs for $42 .00 shipped
  19. D

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs

    Federal 7mm Rem Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL 100 pcs for $45.00 shipped
  20. B

    I want a legit argument against an old trusted cartridge

    I started off my hunting career with a 7mm Remington Magnum. It never failed me but eventually I was bitten by the "bigger and better" bug. I switched to a 300 win mag which I believed would serve me well with a little more knock down power, if I ever made it to Alaska to hunt big bears. I...