1. 3warbird

    SOLD/EXPIRED Sako L61R Lazzeroni Warbird custom build

    Testing the waters here. Looking to sell or trade a Sako L61R action, Krieger barreled 308 7.82 Lazzeroni Warbird. Gun has KDF brake, 25.5 in stainless Cryo treated barrel, factory trigger tuned to 2 lb. Gun has been blueprinted and trued, 2 stocks; one is a green and black B&C bedded and...
  2. 3warbird

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lazzeroni warbird brass

    Want to buy any and all resonable 7.82 (308) warbird brass. Willing to pay reasonable price and shipping for new or once fired brass. Please PM me with details and I will send my phone #