1. S

    WTT/WTS Custom 22-250 AI

    Wanting to sell or trade my 22-250 AI built by Mike Davis at Davis Custom Rifles. Looking for a Christensen Ridgeline in 6.5CM or 6.5 PRC, or a Barrett Fieldcraft in 6.5CM (threaded). Those are my main interests, but would entertain others. Rifle Specs: -Rem 700 Blueprinted Short Action -27”...
  2. mohsey

    SOLD/EXPIRED Left Hand SPS Stock, Barrel, X-Mark Trigger from R700 223

    I have the following from a brand new Remington 700 SPS Varmit 223, 223 Varmit Barrel - Never fired Left Hand X-Mark Trigger Left Hand R700 SPS Stock (Short Action, BDL) I am not sure what these are worth but figured I would post them up for best offers. Pictures to follow...
  3. longrangeind

    Custom Remington 700BDL - 300 Win Mag by Robar Industries

    Custom Remington 700BDL - 300 Win Mag by Robar Industries Accurized Rem700 BDL Action w/trigger job. Gary Schneider Barrel Roguard Matte Finish w/NP3 on internals 13 1/2" LOP Swarovski 3-9*36 1" Scope This rifle was custom built for a customer for an African hunt. Unfortunately he wasn't able...
  4. Y

    SOLD/EXPIRED Custom Rem 700 300 RUM

    I put this together in a chance to get drawn for Elk tags, unfortunantly life happens (no tags) and I gotta get rid of her. Shoots sub MOA at 100 yards with Hornady Precision Hunter Ammo. Stainless steel Remington 700 long action, timney trigger, wyatts bottom metal and 1 AICS mag, talley 30mm...
  5. SilentPew

    Christensen MPR Chassis

  6. D

    Remington 700 SPS 223 varmint

    I have a 223 that I bought several years ago G66 prefix . Got it out 2years ago and mounted a vortex crossfire II with bdc reticule and a 20 moa rail . Used it on a few coyotes and has been in the safe every since. Has about 60 rounds down the pipe . Thanks Ok 450.00 for the rifle only. Plus...
  7. jmcmath

    2003 700 adl 30-06

    rifle sold
  8. jmcmath

    2003 700 ADL 3006

    Comes with what appear to be Leupold rings and basis, extremely low use. Bought as a backup/possible build and After tossing around a lot of ideas it’s just not the direction I want to go right now. Scope in pictures is gone, sale includes rifle and rings. This rifle is in fantastic condition...
  9. N

    SA AICS 1.5 with green Viper Skins

    SOLD Selling my short action AICS 1.5. Green Viper skins. Relieved for a Jewell trigger. Bipod not included. $550 shipped CONUS. SOLD
  10. antelopedundee


    I have a takeoff X MARK PRO trigger from a Rem 700 stainless steel left hand action. It was set by the smith to be about 3# pull. Complete with safety and bolt release. Possibly a second one available. Asking $75 OBO shipped. Prefer PayPal gift. Message here or [email protected]
  11. K

    Wet Weather Muzzleloading???

    Hello, Up till now all my black powder hunting has been in the Pennsylvania Flintlock season after Christmas where rain is rarely an issue. This year will be my first time hunting with an inline (can only use shotguns and muzzleloaders around Pittsburgh, PA) and with all the rain I'm...
  12. Texas89

    SOLD/EXPIRED For Sale Manners MCS-T Remington 700 SA

    Looking to sell Manners MCS-T. Has been bedded by Short Action Customs. Has rail for bipod installed along with flush cup mounts. Also includes PTG dbm. Looking for $550 obo shipped.
  13. outdoorsmunn

    SOLD/EXPIRED KRG Bravo Remington 700 SA chassis Sako green

    SOLD If you missed out on the KRG blem chassis sale, you are in luck! I picked this up from that sale, only to realize the recoil lug pocket is the original design that is not wide enough to fit my Bighorn TL3. There was no mention of this on the sale ad, and KRG doesn't feel like helping me...
  14. tr175

    SOLD/EXPIRED Rem 700 Titanium 30-06

    Nice, Remington 700 Titanium lightweigt mountain rifle. Stainless barrel, titanium action, bell & carlson lightweight stock. Heck of a deal, $1050 shipped to your FFL .
  15. Sam Aspacher

    Rem 700 sa VLS, 308 win

    Sellling my Remington 700 VLS .308 win. Bipod in the picture not included. 15 moa base, Burris rings, hard plastic case, 48 pieces of Lapua brass(few are still loaded), 3.5 boxes of GM210M primers, load data, are included. Available if you want it, RCBS .308 Win FL die set that isn't in very...
  16. Bjt308

    SOLD/EXPIRED Christensen arms Composite sporter Remington 700 SA

    This is a Christensen arms composite sporter for a Remington 700 Short action. It has been bedded previously and the barrel channel has been opened up and will accept a heavy varmint/ sendero type contour. Asking $275.00 shipped or OBO
  17. ovastafford

    SOLD/EXPIRED Updated/Reduced Custom Hart Build Rem 700 300 RUM

    SOLD. Custom Remington 700 300 Rem Ultra Mag put together by Hart Barrels. Rem 700 Action Jewell Trigger HS Precision Camo Adjustable Stock Wyatts Detachable Magazine Bottom Metal 2-5 round mags and one 8 round. Hart 27" 1-10 Twist MedHvy Barrel Badger Ordnance Muzzle Brake Badger Ordnance 20...
  18. S

    Rem700 Krieger .308 Sale/Trade

    Remington 700 with Krieger 22" 1:10 varmint contour barrel, match chambered in .308win and threaded. Has Bell and Carlson medalist stock(black with red spider wed) that was professionally bedded and channeled. The action was also blue printed/trued when barrel was fitted. The above work was all...
  19. D

    260 AI Rem Titanium 700 Christensen- price drop

    Up for sale is my mountain hunting rifle. I am looking to build do-all elk rifle- so this has to go. I bought this rifle new, and shipped it to Christensen for all the work. This rifle is in great condition and ready to hunt. $2,200 = Rifle, dies, and brass (no optics, or optic mount)...
  20. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED B&C medalist SA R.E.M. 700

    Medalist aluminum block Short action bdl stock. Black in color. Came off a 700 varmit synthetic. I took it to the range a few time. Not bedded Changed to a vertical grip stock. No marks on it. Will text pics. Text or call is best way to get me. 931-639-1218. Will text pics. 180 .00 plus...

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