6mm creedmoor

  1. B

    125 once fired Hornady brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor

    For sale is 125 once fired Hornady brass cases for 6mm Creedmoor. Brass was decapped and tumbled in stainless media. So clean they could pass as new. $50 shipped. First I will take it followed by a pm gets the goods. Payment by PayPal with 3 percent, check, MO, or Z E L L E. Address is Maricopa...
  2. specter29

    SOLD/EXPIRED Brand New Custom 6mm Creedmoor, Origin short Action, Proof Barrel, KRG Chassis, Hellfire muzzle brake

    Brand new Full Custom 6mm Creedmoor Never fired. 1 in 7 twist 22" Proof Competition Contour Barrel .184 Freebore 5/8"-24 threaded barrel with Hellfire self timing muzzle brake. Origin Short action. Also comes with magnum bolt face. KRG Bravo stock with LOP Spacer kit, Tool-less buttpad height...
  3. S

    KRG Bravo PRS Competition rifle from Straight Jacket Armory

    Lately many of the shooters who call Straight Jacket Armory have been asking how they can get into PRS with an affordable rifle that will deliver outstanding performance. We pair a proven combo using the feature rich Origin RD3 action with a quality Benchmark Medium Palma 24" and install that on...
  4. C

    Beanland 6 Creedmoor BBL Action

    I have a Jon Beanland Built 6mm Creedmoor barreled Action for sale. Defiance Deviant Tactical RH SA, with one piece rail and integral lug. Bolt knob has been changed to Badger FDE Oversized. Barrel is a Krieger MTU @ 26" threaded with a knurled cap. Twist is 1:8 973 Documented rounds down the...
  5. Hunter Hicks


    6MM CREEDMOOR Hornady match bushing dies new opened and decided not to use them. I do not have the bushings. SOLD 6mm 80gr FB BERGER VARMIT. 100 ct opened for inspection $22 TYD OBO .277 BERGER 140 gr. Hunting VLD $40 TYD OBO
  6. K

    Owens 6mm Creed Manners

    Kelby Atlas Action Manners Folding Stock 26" Rock Creek barrel with 400 rounds on it Timney Calvin Elite Trigger Located in Phoenix Doesn't come with scope or brake 2500 Shipped to FFL Nightforce Beast $2700
  7. H

    SOLD/EXPIRED New Savage 6mm Creedmoor threaded barrel

    This is a new take off barrel from a Model 10. Small shank, 26", 8 twist, threaded. $200 shipped. Paypal gift preferred or postal money order. Thanks
  8. Canhunter35

    6mm creedmoor opinions

    Anyone using a 6mm creedmoor and how are you liking it? Looks like it would be an ideal coyote round with the advantage under 600 yds going to the 6mm over the 6.5mm creed?