6.8 spc brass

  1. ddman

    6.8 SPC, brass, dies, mags, bullets

    My plans changed awhile back and I had these listed and sold as of March 26th . Guy was supposed to send a money order and I have never received one and he’s not been active since March 28th. It’s been over a month with no msgs returned or contact. I told him in my last msg April 4th that I...
  2. ddman

    6.8 SPC ammo, brass, dies, bullets

    I gathered all this stuff up for a build but I have too many irons in the fire and need funds to finish other stuff first. 7 boxes (140 rounds) of Hornady Black 110gr Vmax loaded factory ammo 1 box (20 rounds) HSM 115gr Sierra HPBT Match King loaded factory ammo 100 Remington brass NEW RCBS...
  3. Nomad8961

    New 6.8 SPC brass/ L.E. Wilson case gauges

    Three 100 piece bags of SSA 6.8 spc brass, two are unopened one is opened but all brass is un fired. 22.00 per bag or 60 for all three. 6.5x55 and a 6.8 spc L.E. Wilson case gauges rarely used. Like new condition. 17.00 each also have a 6.5 cal VIAS muzzle break, new never used for sale. 80.00...