6.5 284

  1. D

    SOLD/EXPIRED Manson 6.5 PRC Reamer used to cut only one chamber.

    Price dropped. 6.5 PRC Reamer Dave Manson. Used to cut only one chamber. Floating pilot head. SAAMI spec. .088 Freebore. $145 shipped to the lower 48 only. Paypal Friends & family or add 3%. USPS Money order Accepted.
  2. IdahoHunter208

    Best long range 6.5mm/.264 caliber for hunting deer sized animals

    You get 2 votes. Make em good.
  3. specter29

    6.5-284 Defiance Deviant long action, Mannes EH2, with scope

    Fairbanks and Fairbanks 6.5-284 norma Defiance Deviant Long action 24" Bartlien barrel 1-8 twist with Piercision self timing muzzle brake Manners EH2 stock with two left and right side flush cups Comes with Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50 rangefinding scope and loaded ammo (custom loaded by...
  4. H

    Christensen Arms Ridgeline

  5. C

    Gunwerks LR1000

    Gunwerks LR1000 chambered in a 6.5-284. Less than 200 rounds down the tube. Great condition. Comes with Custom Storm Case and 3 boxes of Gunwerks Premium Ammo. It wears a Night Force 5.5-22 NXS Scope. If you are familiar with Gunwerks you know what kind of gun this is. This Gun is dialed out to...
  6. FreemanKendon

    SOLD/EXPIRED Bartlein 6.5 barrel 1:8

    I decided to go a different direction with a build. 29” Bartlein 5R SS .264 1:8 Twist, marksmen contour barrel. Asking $350 shipped $325 local pickup in San Antonio, TX
  7. T

    Savage 6.5-284 Berger Seating Depth Test

    So I followed the instructions from Berger (also found on this forum) and performed the seating depth test. I didn't do the 6 rounds of each like they mentioned but only done 3 rounds of each. The results were shocking to say the least but I think I found my best COAL. Shooting a Savage 111...