6 creedmore

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    WTT Rhino Arms AR10 for 6CM or 6.5PRC

    WTT Rhino Rifles AR10 for seekins Havak or Bergara Premier in 6CM or 6.5PRC. I got bit hard by the PRS bug and what an exclusively dedicated rifle. Have a Rhino Arms AR10 in .308. Following specs. Make: Rhino Arms Caliber: .308 WIN Receiver Set: Rhino Series Billet Aluminum with black...
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    just getting started

    Shooting the 6 Creedmoor, Ruger precision sightron siii scope and loving it except for the noise, dang brake on any gun does nothing but make noise. Will a suppressor do anything on a 6 or is it a waste of money at the speed of the bullet? I shoot a suppressor on my 22's and shoot slow bullets...