44 magnum

  1. gruntcorps

    SOLD/EXPIRED NEW/UNFIRED Smith and Wesson 629-6 44 Magnum

    UNFIRED/NEW Smith and Wesson 629-6 5” Barrel 44 MAG 6rd Classic Factory case and manual HOLSTER $900
  2. J

    SOLD/EXPIRED Winchester 94 Saddle Ring Carbine 44mag

    Looking to sell one of the nicest condition model 94s you’ll find. It’s a SRC in 44 mag, manufactured in 1969. It is top eject, not an AE model. A family member bought this gun new, it was displayed in a gun case for the majority of its life. I have personally shot 20 rounds through it, if I had...
  3. W

    Ruger super redhawk and Dan Wesson M15 6in 357

    Got this in 1996, I've only ever fired 38 spc out of it, round count likely around 700. I bought it from my father in law in '96 it had less than a box of 20 ran through it. Sorry but I don't have any other barrels for it, can't really find a good price range online so offer? 600? Doing some...
  4. T

    44 cal reloading bullets- misc brands

    Grier Harcast .215gr SWC qty 60 $7 sold Liberty 275gr FP qty 23 $2 sold 185gr wadcutter qty 120 $14 sold Hornady 265gr flat point qty 54 $7 sold Hornady 180gr HP qty 47 $6 sold Hornady 180gr HP XTP qty 50 $6 sold Sierra 300gr JSP 2-50ct boxes $40/box Sierra 250gr FPJ qty 80 $24 Speer 240gr FMJ...
  5. B

    S&W Model 69 .44 mag

    I have a Smith and Wesson model 69 combat magnum in 44 Rem magnum. This is a stainless model 5 shot revolver with a 4.25 barrel. Gun less than 100 rounds thru it most of which were 44 special. I will get some pictures up soon. This is an awesome carry gun for grizzly country. Comes with the...
  6. D

    Smith and Wesson 629 Classic DX Pre-lock

    Smith and Wesson 629-5 Classic DX Pre-lock with 6.5" barrel. This revolver is in like new condition and has had less than 50 rounds through it. Comes with all the factory docs, case, and 4 different factory front sights. The target pictured is a factory 5 shot group at 25 yards. $1650 USPS Money...
  7. Y

    Taurus 44 Mag

    *SOLD* Taurus 44 magnum Tracker. Blued. 5 shot cylinder. Ported barrel. Great shooting gun. Has became a safe queen, so decided to part with it. Price is firm $400 shipped to your FFL Make sure your FFL accepts from a private party please.