338 winchester magnum


    SOLD/EXPIRED 338 Win Mag ammunition

    I have sold my 338 Win mag and have ammunition for sale. I tried to show the closeups in the photos. Here is the list of ammunition. I want to sell it as a lot, so I can keep shipping costs down. Norma - 230 grain Oryx 1 full box of 20, 1 box of 10 rounds with once fired brass = 30 rounds...
  2. bkshafer

    338 Win Mag Winchester Brass

    I have a bag of 50 new unfired 338 Winchester magnum brass for sale or trade. The bag is open but all 50 pieces are there. I bought these a couple years ago and actually sold the rifle shortly after I bought them. I'm asking $35.00 STYD anywhere in the USA. I can take PayPal friends and family...