.308 winchester

  1. James Murphy

    CA Ridgeline 308 win.

    Posting another CA Ridgeline in 308 win. 24" cf barrel 1-10" twist about 140 rounds down the pipe. All factory superformance Hornady 150 gr. Factory. It shoots amazingly well. 3 shot groups @ 100 under ½". This rifle belongs to my better half, she bought a proof research. $1650 ffl to ffl...
  2. H

    .308 Best Rounds

    What are some of the best performing .308 rounds? Whitetail hunting specifically. Shooting a tikka T3x Superlite .308
  3. .300 Dakota

    SOLD/EXPIRED Lightly used Savage 10 Ashbury Precision .308 Win take-off

    Bought this from a gunsmith a little while back with the intention of making me a nice long range .308, but now need to fund other plans (personal wildcat build). It is reported to have less than 50 rounds through it, as the previous owner wanted to to something similar to what I'm doing with...
  4. William L

    New to this forum

    Hello. Is the current "Mainstream Media" bias against "Assault Weapons" a legitimate concern?
  5. D

    WTT Rhino Arms AR10 for 6CM or 6.5PRC

    WTT Rhino Rifles AR10 for seekins Havak or Bergara Premier in 6CM or 6.5PRC. I got bit hard by the PRS bug and what an exclusively dedicated rifle. Have a Rhino Arms AR10 in .308. Following specs. Make: Rhino Arms Caliber: .308 WIN Receiver Set: Rhino Series Billet Aluminum with black...
  6. S

    Beanland/KMW/Defiance .308

    I have a Jon Beanland .308 for sale: $3000 + shipping, OBO. Less than 300 shots fired. Can include the Vortex Razor Gen I (5-20) MOA and Seekins Precision rings for an extra $1000. Please email me at [email protected] or text/call 620-687-5680 for pictures and more information. -KMW...
  7. D

    Or WTT: custom savage 110 LA .308