1. Lovellr653

    Norma vs Remington Brass, case volume

    While loading some once fired Remington brass for load development I could feel some primers seated easier than others. I had used a Sinclair primer pocket uniformer as part of my brass prep so my assumption is the difference was due to minor factory variances in primer pocket circumference, no...
  2. D

    2003 700 adl 30-06

    rifle sold
  3. D

    2003 700 ADL 3006

    Comes with what appear to be Leupold rings and basis, extremely low use. Bought as a backup/possible build and After tossing around a lot of ideas it’s just not the direction I want to go right now. Scope in pictures is gone, sale includes rifle and rings. This rifle is in fantastic condition...
  4. F

    SOLD/EXPIRED sako 3006

    WTS Sako 3006. This was called the sako hi power and was built in the 1950s using a fn98 action. Bluing is near excellent. Stock shows some use with some scattered handling marks, checkering is worn from handling. Overall a very nice and serviceable hunting rifle. Not a collector piece but a...
  5. MajorSpittle

    30-06 Superformance Load Data

    Does anyone have load data on Hodgdon Superformance for 30-06? Looking for data all the way up to 212gr EDX rounds. My Hornady 9th edition only lists to 168gr. Also, any first hand experience/insights with the powder and 30-06 would be appreciated. Is it Temp. Sensitive with 30-06? I just...