300 win mag brass

  1. CODzilla

    For Sale 300 Win Mag Brass

    Selling 400 pieces of once fired 300 Win Mag brass. 197 are FC headstamp and 203 are WW headstamp. Selling for $300 shipped. I’d keep ‘em, but I sold my WM.
  2. SheepShapeAK

    SOLD/EXPIRED ADG 300 Win Mag Brass Unopened

    Two boxes of unopened ADG 300 win mag brass left. Shiny finish. $194 shipped if you want both. $97 a piece shipped if you just want one box. Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle. I can do PayPal potentially, but it’s through my business and charges me 3% per transaction.
  3. Vamike9

    SOLD/EXPIRED 300 Win Mag Redding Die & Brass

    300 Win Brass •50 Hornady (new) •112 Hornady (1x fired) •61 Federal (1x Fired) $120 for brass shipped without Die 300 WM Redding FL Bushing Sizing Die Excellent condition $80 Shipped for Die only All Together I'll bundle for $180 Shipped
  4. J

    Peterson 300WM Long Brass

    Selling some extra 300WM brass that I have; 2 boxes of Peterson “Long” 300WM brass. 1 new/unopened box and 1 box that has 25 pieces of new, unfired brass. All 75 pieces are from the same lot. This is awesome brass and becoming very hard to find. I am just starting to shoot more 300 PRC and...
  5. SofaKing

    300 Winchester Magnum brass

    I’m looking to sell 107 pieces of frontier once fired 300 WinMag brass. I’d sell them for $45 shipped to your door in the lower 48.
  6. SofaKing

    Bench cleaning Brass sale

    460 Rowland new star fire brass 40 pieces $15 tyd 300 win mag 107 pieces once fired (frontier headstand) cleaned and deprimed $50 tyd 280 rem nickel plated Winchester brass 22 pieces $10 tyd the more you buy the better the price.
  7. D

    Federal 300 Win Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL

    Federal 300 Win Mag Brass 1X-FIRED NICKEL Cases. 100 pieces in original boxes $45.00 shipped
  8. SofaKing

    NEW Nosler 300 Winchester Magnum

    I have a new unopened box of 50 Nosler 300 Winchester magnum brass looking to get $70 shipped TYD in the lower 48.
  9. B

    Quality 300 win mag brass

    If you load for a 300 win mag I would recommend checking out atlas development group. They are making some high quality brass. I just got a hundred pieces from them and after sorting through it tonight I have to say it's near equal quality to the lapua brass I use in my 6.5-284. hopefully I will...