300 norma

  1. S

    LPR 18” 300 Norma

    Throwing around the idea of selling this rig. Absolutely love it though so it’s for sale but not on sale. Just testing the waters for right now. My understanding is this rifle was built by Dallas for Jake (owner) at unknown munitions and he then sold it for whatever reason to another guy (who...
  2. C

    Desert Tech SRS A1 300 Norma

    Desert Tech SRS A1 Gen 2 in 300 Norma Mag. Has 23in, heavily twist fluted barrel from SAC with 1:8 twist. Round count is 137. Gun is in like new condition. I only hunt, so no strings of fire beyond 3 shots. As you can see from the round count, not much shooting at all. Comes with dies...
  3. 300 Grace

    Forster 300 Norma Mag Full Length Sizing Die - #005548 * LOWERED PRICE

    New in Box, never used. Forster part #005548 $50 - FREE SHIPPING to lower 48 Thank you for taking a look and please let me know if you have any questions!
  4. S

    26” 300 Norma Custom

    I had posted just this rifles' barrel for sale earlier on snipershide but have since changed my mind and would rather sell it complete to put towards a 33XC chassis build. ***bare rifle as pictured weighs 8lbs 4.8oz*** - Kelbly Atlas Tactical Lapua - Manners EH1 swamp camo - 26" Proof carbon...
  5. Coercionist

    Caliber discussion

    Recently I have wanted a ballistic hot rod and was initially looking at the Cheytac case however after consideration I have decided that the level of power the Cheytac outputs is not required for my situation. I want my rifle, based on either 30-338 lapua imp or 300 norma imp, to have a switch...
  6. C

    Desert Tech SRS A-1 300 Norma Mag

    SRS A1 300 Norma I have a gently used SRS A1 Gen 2 blk-blk with a 23in barrel from SAC. Round count is 137 and it is in like-new condition. I hunt only so never more than 3 shots at a time. Not interested in breaking this package up as this is a ready-to-hunt package with dies & brass...
  7. S

    P14 300 Norma Mag Improved?

    Hey team, I’ve been sitting on a Winchester P14 for a number of years. I originally prepped it to become a 338 edge, but really like the numbers of a 300 Norma improved. is there anyone out there that has been down this road? Or possibly even a bigger caliber? Will the action handle it? Thanks...