1. Blaster01

    Fierce Tactical Carbon Edge 28 nos with extras

    Looking to sell my fierce tactical carbon edge in 28 nosler. It’s got an upgraded manners prs2 stock over the McMillan that fierce normally sells them with. Brand new this rifle is $5000. It has the upgraded directional muzzle brake. 20 moa pic rail. Adjustable cheek piece on stock. Will come...
  2. B

    28 nosler donuts

    I am getting donuts in my 28 nosler brass. If I take a fired round and try to slide a bullet in the neck it will slide in till the bearing surface gets to the neck shoulder junction then it hits the donut. Not all the pieces have the same problem. On some of them the bullet will go in and you...
  3. EyeDoc2020

    28 Nosler Brass

    Want to buy new or once fired 28 Nosler brass.
  4. 3

    Weighing new brass

    I purchased 4 boxes of new 28 Nosler brass today (Nosler brass). Began sorting them by weight and all of a sudden started getting several way off - checked and sure enough it was two different batches of brass. So I separated and the one batch was had 41 all the same weight and 9 that were all...