284 win

  1. jrodriguezant1

    Looking for some 284 brass...

    Hey folks, just got a 284 rifle in a trade. Would anyone happen to have any? I would like to take it off your hands
  2. J

    284 Win Brass Lapua from 6.5x284 new

    100 rounds of NEW Lapua brand 284 Win brass sized up from 6.5x284 - not fire formed- all from same lot $90 shipped CONUS
  3. 82bluestang

    284 win Norma brass 458ct

    I have 458 pieces of 284 win Norma brass. Anywhere from ice fired to 5 times fired. In good shape. I got out of the caliber. 75$ shipped. All bullets will be pulled and it will be just brass getting shipped. The ammo wallets are not for sale. Thank you
  4. Eric_F

    FFP scope for an elk rifle

    Hi guys. I know there are lots of similar threads and I've read many of them. But spending other people's money is fun, right? I'm looking for a scope to put on my .284 Win Tikka for an elk hunting trip to Colorado this coming season: It will be my first western hunting trip, but I've been deer...
  5. J

    18” .284 Win Bolt Gun Info

    Hey guys! I’m looking at building a compact hunting rifle for hunting in MT. Want a 0-700 yard shooter primarily for deer and wolves, and elk maybe out to 300-400. Leaning toward building a 284 Win with about a 18” barrel and hoping to shoot 168 vlds, or similar, at 2600fps +. (Basically a...
  6. A

    6.5-284 Norma to 284 Win the correct way

    Would someone please detail the process needed to form Lapua 6.5-284 brass to 284 Win the way it should be done, without any kind of "shortcuts". I am debating on whether to build a rifle in 284 Win or 7 SAUM and I am wondering if the brass prep is worth it since there seems to be no really...