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    .260 rem barreled action

    Rem 700 VTR action Shilen Sendero Profile 24" Threaded 5/8"-24 600 rounds fired Shoots 147eld over H4350 very well. 1/2moa consistently. Pic shown is 10 rounds. Load data will be provided. Barreled Action ONLY. Chassis, Scope, mount, break, trigger, etc. not included. $800 + shipping.
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    sold my 260 have dies and brass

    I have a the following for sale 1)full length Redding 260 Rem die $40 shipped 2) 3 -die competition neck sizer set from Redding $225 shipped 3) 243 Lapua brass unfired 81 pieces $80 shipped 4) 99-260 Rem brass Fired 2x $30 shipped USPS money order of PayPal is best thanks

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