260 ackley rl 23 and rl 26

  1. C

    260 ackley improved really worth it?

    I've been kicking around the idea of a 260 ackley improved and was wondering if it's really worth the expensive dies and the time fire forming/ case prep for what you gain if that much at all? Also I will be using a short action Remington 700 bartlien #4 8 twist barrel with the wyatt extended...
  2. J

    260 ackley

    did a little testing today 50.5 grs of rl 26/ 147 hornady eld match gave a average 2957 sd of 12.4 es 45. rl 23 45 hrs, 147 hornady 147 eld match average of 2710 ,sd 11.5, es 32. Bullats seated hard into the land, No pressure signs . rl 26 is compressed not sure how much more I can stuff...