25 creedmoor

  1. Blaster01

    25 creedmoor barreled action with brass, 131 blackjacks, and dies

    WTT/WTS- $1450 Testing the waters on this. Thinking about going a different direction. I have the barreled action right now but the chassis should be here in 3 weeks. Anyways, it’s unfired. Savage axis action that was gone through and upgraded by sharp shooter supply. It’s realllll smooth for...
  2. Blaster01

    For the 25 creedmoor guys. Or the guys who’ve used Alpha or Petersen brass. Or both.

    Well my 25 creedmoor build is coming along now and I was wondering about brass. There’s two companies who make head stamped brass for the 25. Alpha munitions and Petersen. I was wondering what might make a guy choose one over the other. Anybody have experience with these that can shed some...
  3. 257 Blackjack

    25x47L, 25 Creedmoor, and 25 XC reamer prints from JGS and Manson

    Folks, We have been very busy getting barrels, bullets, and blanks out to the guys and gals adopting the high bc 131 gr ACE in 25 Cal. We've had guys chamber up 25x47, 25 Creed, 25x284, 25-06, 257 WBY, 25 WSM, and soon the 25 SST. Anyhow, we have made all of our Blackjack Spec Reamer prints...